Radiant Drift offers a set of astronomical and geospatial web services, used to perform a variety of calculations related to objects in the Solar System and their positions with respect to Earth-based observers.

Public Beta

We're currently running a public beta. Please go ahead and sign up for a free account and try the service out!

We expect to launch later in 2023 and to introduce paid plans for higher usage levels and premium APIs. However, we plan to keep a free service tier post-launch, and will be happy to work with educators and researchers to facilitate continued access to the service end points they need.

In the meantime, please refer to our documentation for updates as we progress towards general availability. And, of course, as it's a beta, things are subject to change!

If you need to provide data related to the Sun, Moon, stars, meteor showers, eclipses or more to your users, our APIs can help.

Building your own astronomical library or even learning to learn an existing one can be complicated task with a steep learning curve. If developer efficiency, focus and time to market are concerns, then using our well-tested web services can get you the data you need with ease.

Why Radiant Drift?

Radiant drift commonly refers to the change over time in the position of the apparent radiant point of a meteor shower. We think it's also a pretty snappy name for a collection of general astronomy web services!

About Us

We're the team who built The Photographer's Ephemeris, one of the world's best-known natural light planning tools for photographers. We've been working with software to calculate and visualize the sun, moon, and stars since 2008.

We use Radiant Drift web services in Photo Ephemeris Web and both are built against our astronomical algorithm library, so you can rest assured that we have every reason in the world to keep things running smoothly!

Contact Us

You can reach us directly via the Help button at the bottom of this page, or you can write to us at support@radiantdrift.com.


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